Universal Surveying and Mapping, LLC (USM) delivers customized solutions for a diverse clientele on projects of any scale. Our experienced personnel serve the schedule and budget needs of clients in numerous industries including Oil and Gas Producers and Transporters, Electric Transmission and Distribution, State and Local Public Agencies, Transportation, and Private Land Owners.

USM’s expertise delivers leading-edge surveying and mapping solutions to clients in a diverse group of industries:

  • Oil And Gas Producers/Transporters - complete pipeline, well field surveying, exploration and production support, and data management services
  • Electric Transmission/Distribution - electric energy and renewable power development and re-build projects
  • State And Local Public Agencies - cities, counties, local governmental agencies, utilities, and educational facilities
  • Transportation – Roads, turnpikes, intersection improvements, facilities, routes, as-builts
  • Developers/Private Property Owners – development planning, boundary disputes, plats.

For each industry assignment, our customized, professional services include:

  • Survey and Staking
  • Route and Alignment
  • Site and Construction
  • Inventory and As-Builts
  • Alignment and Plat Production